Recent Faculty Publications


Anne-Marie Carstens Safeguarding Cultural Property During Conflict (forthcoming 2023)
Editor, Intersections in International Cultural Heritage Law (2020) (with Elizabeth Varner).[Abstract]
Larry Gibson Thurgood Marshall's Orchestra: Mobilizing Civil Rights Activists in the South, 1935-1955 (forthcoming 2023)
Leigh Goodmark Imperfect Victims: Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism (forthcoming 2023).[Abstract]
Mark Graber Punish Treason, Reward Loyalty (forthcoming 2022).
American Constitutionalism (Vol II: Civil Rights and Liberties) (3d ed. 2021) (with Howard Gillman and Keith E. Whittington).
David Gray American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary (12th ed. 2022) (with Daniel J. Capra & Stephen A. Salzburg).[Abstract]
Renée Hutchins Essential Lawyering Skills: Interviewing, Counseling, Negotiation, and Persuasive Fact Analysis (6th ed. 2020) (with Stefan H. Krieger & Richard K. Neumann).
Russell McClain The Guide to Belonging in Law School (2020).[Abstract]
Paula Monopoli Contemporary Trusts and Estates (4th ed. 2022) (with Susan N. Gary, Jerome Borison, and Naomi R. Cahn).[Abstract]
Constitutional Orphan: Gender Equality and the Nineteenth Amendment (2020).[Abstract]
Robert Percival Environmental Law: Statutory and Case Supplement 2021-22 (2021).
Environmental Regulation: Law, Science & Policy (1992; 2d ed. 1996; 3d ed. 2000; 4th ed., 2003; 5th ed. 2006; 6th ed. 2009; 7th ed. 2013, 8th ed. 2018, 9th ed. 2021) (with others).[Abstract]
Michael Pinard Garbage In, Gospel Out: How Data-Driven Policing Technologies Entrench Historic Racism and 'Tech-Wash' Bias in the Criminal Legal System (2021) (with others; for NACDL's Task Force on Predictive Policing).
Sharon Reece Guide to Executive Compensation: Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Issues (2022) (with others).[Abstract]
Matiangai Sirleaf Editor, Race and National Security (Oxford University Press forthcoming 2023).
Max Stearns Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy (forthcoming 2024).
Rena Steinzor The War on Government (forthcoming 2023).
Kevin Tu Learning Commercial Law: Core Concepts (2022) (with others).[Abstract]
Michael P. Van Alstine Principles of International Business Transactions (5th ed. 2022) (with Ralph H. Folsom & Michael Ramsey).[Abstract]
International Business Transactions in a Nutshell (11th ed. 2020) (with Ralph Haughwout Folsom & Michael D. Ramsey).[Abstract]

Book Chapters

Taunya Lovell Banks Commentary, Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., 162 N.E. 99 (N.Y. 1928), in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Tort Opinions 27 (Martha Chamallas & Lucinda M. Finley eds., 2020).
Elizabeth Key, Seventeenth Century Virginia (US), in As If She Were Free: A Collective Biography of Women and Emancipation in the Americas (Erica L. Ball, Tatiana Seijas & Terri L. Snyder eds., 2020).
Foreword, Predatory Lending and the Destruction of the African-American Dream (Janis Sarra & Cheryl Wade, 2020).
Barbara Bezdek To Have and to Hold? Community Land Trust as Commons, in The Cambridge Handbook of Commons Research Innovations 164 (Sheila R. Foster & Chrystie F. Swiney eds., 2021).
Anne-Marie Carstens Heritage Suspension: Protection of Heritage in Public Emergencies, Routledge Handbook on Heritage Law (forthcoming 2023) (with J. Peter Byrne).
The Swinging Pendulum of Cultural Heritage Crimes in International Criminal Law, in Intersections in International Cultural Heritage Law (Anne-Marie Carstens & Elizabeth Varner eds., 2020).
Peter G. Danchin The Dialectics of the Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief, in Routledge Handbook of Freedom of Religion or Belief (Silvio Ferrari et al. eds., 2020).[Full Text]
The Modern Architecture of Religious Freedom as a Fundamental Right, in Constitutions and Religion: Research Handbook in Comparative Constitutional Law 75 (Susana Mancini ed., 2020).[Full Text]
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg Frank Sander: Father of Court-Based Dispute Resolution, in Discussions in Dispute Resolution: The Foundational Articles 337 (Art Hinshaw, Andrea Kupfer Schneider & Sarah R. Cole eds., 2021).
Martha Ertman Commodification and Adoption, in Routledge Commodification Handbook (Vida Panitch & Elodie Bertrand eds., forthcoming 2022).
Leigh Goodmark The Anti-Rape and Battered Women's Movements of the 1970s and 80s, in The Oxford Handbook of Feminism and Law in the United States (Deborah L. Brake et al. eds., 2021).
Legal System Reform, in Transgender Intimate Partner Violence: A Comprehensive Introduction (Adam M. Messinger & Xavier L. Guadalupe-Diaz eds., 2020).
Mark Graber The Unwritten Constitutions of the United States, in Amending America's Unwritten Constitution 25 (Richard Albert, Ryan C. Williams & Yaniv Roznai eds., 2022).
Kahler v. Kansas on the Insanity Defense, in SCOTUS 2020, at 91 (Morgan Marietta ed., 2021) (with Julia Bess Frank).
Leslie Meltzer Henry Closing the Gap: Improving Women's Health through Research Inclusion, in The Oxford Handbook of Research Ethics (Ana S. Illtis & Douglas MacKay eds., 2020) (with Anna C. Mastroianni).
Laura Kessler Achieving Equality Without a Constitution: Lessons from Israel for Queer Family Law, in Queer and Religious Alliances in Family Law Politics and Beyond (Nausica Palazzo & Jeffrey A. Redding eds., 2022).
Robert Percival United States, Yearbook of International Environmental Law (2021),
International Responsibility and Liability for Environmental Harm, in Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law (Erika J. Techera, Jade Lindley, Karen N. Scott & Anastasia Telesetsky eds., 2d ed. 2021).
Getting the Lead Out: The Phase-Out of Gasoline Lead Additives--A Global Environmental Success Story, in The Impact of Environmental Law: Stories of the World We Want 8 (Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Elizabeth A. Kirk and Jessica Steinberg Albin eds., 2020).
Transnational Litigation: What Can We Learn from Chevron-Ecuador?, in Research Handbook on Transnational Environmental Law 318 (Veerle Heyvaert & Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli eds., 2020).
Amanda C. Pustilnik Neurodisability: A Criminal Law Doctrine that Is Not Pure Insanity, in Neurodisability and the Criminal Justice System 14-33 (Gaye T. Lansdell, Bernadette J. Saunders & Anna Eriksson eds., 2021).
Natalie Ram Introduction to Incomplete Commodification and Its Creeping Counterpart, in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law (David Orentlicher & Tamara K. Harvey eds., 2021) (with Stéphanie Hennette Vauchez).
Incomplete Commodification in American Law, in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Health Law (David Orentlicher & Tamara K. Harvey eds., 2021).
Investigative Genetic Genealogy and the Problem of Familial Forensic Identification, in Consumer Genetic Technologies: Ethical and Legal Considerations 211 (I. Glenn Cohen et al. eds., 2021).[Full Text]
Matiangai Sirleaf COVID-19 and Cooperation in Times of Disaster, in The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Law and Policy 221 (Susan S. Kuo, John Travis Marshall & Ryan Rowberry eds., 2022).[Full Text]
Global Health Law: Legal Foundations for Social Justice in Public Health, in Foundations of Global Health and Human Rights (Lawrence O. Gostin & Benjamin Mason Meier eds., 2020) (with Lawrence O. Gostin & Eric Friedman).[Full Text]
Marley Weiss Judgment: Ricci v. DeStefano, 557 U.S. 557 (2009), in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Employment Discrimination Opinions 383 (Ann C. McGinley & Nicole Buonocore Porter eds., 2020).


Kristina J. Alayan Real-World Solutions: Sweating the Small Stuff: Writing Letters of Recommendation, AALL Spectrum, Mar./Apr. 2021, at 30 (with Michelle Hook Dewey).
Look for the Helpers, Law Library Lights, Spring 2020, at 5.
Chaz Arnett Data, the New Cotton, Just Tech: Social Science Research Council (May 25, 2022).[Full Text]
Black Lives Monitored (forthcoming 2022).
Race, Surveillance, Resistance, 81 Ohio State Law Journal 1103 (2020).[Full Text]
Taunya Lovell Banks Commemorating the Forgotten Intersection of the Fifteenth and Nineteenth Amendments, 94 St. John's Law Review 899 (2022).
Personal Identity Equality and Racial Misrecognition: Review Essay of Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination, 34 Journal of Civil Rights & Economic Development 13 (2021).[Full Text]
Andrew Blair-Stanek Improved Induction of Narrative Chains via Cross-Document Relations, Proceedings of the 11th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics 208 (2022) (with Benjamin Van Durme)[Full Text]
AI for Tax Analogies and Code Renumbering, 170 Tax Notes Federal, Mar. 29, 2021, at 1997 (with Benjamin Van Durme). Demo available at[Full Text]
A Dataset for Statutory Reasoning in Tax Law Entailment and Question Answering, Proceedings of the 2020 Natural Legal Language Processing (NLLP) Workshop (2020) (with Nils Holzenberger and Benjamin Van Durme).[Full Text]
How the IRS Should Fight the COVID-19 Economic Crisis, Tax Notes Federal, Mar. 30, 2020, at 2067.[Full Text]
Contractual Tax Reform, 61 William & Mary Law Review 1537 (2020) (with Michael Abramowicz).[Full Text]
Richard Boldt Mental Health Care and Intimate Partner Violence: Unasked Questions, 25 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 225 (2022) (with Delaney E. Anderson).[Full Text]
Constitutional Structure, Institutional Relationships and Text: Revisiting Charles Black's White Lectures, 54 Loyola L.A. Law Review 675 (2021).[Full Text]
Book Review, Kerwin Kaye, Enforcing Freedom: Drug Courts, Therapeutic Communities, and the Intimacies of the State, 17 Law, Culture & the Humanities 377 (2021).
Criminalization and Normalization: Some Thoughts About Offenders with Serious Mental Illness, 71 Florida Law Review Forum 229 (2021).[Full Text]
Community Health Workers and Behavioral Health Care, 23 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 1 (2020) (with Eleanor T. Chung).[Full Text]
Anne-Marie Carstens Copyright's Deprivations, 96 Washington Law Review 1275 (2021).
Jennifer Elisa Chapman Fintech: Is the Water Fine?, 8 Journal of International and Comparative Law 435 (2021).
United States v. Hodges: Developments of Treason and the Role of the Jury, 97 Denver Law Review 117 (2020).
Douglas Colbert A Butterfly in COVID: Structural Racism and Baltimore's Pretrial Legal System, 82 Maryland Law Review 1 (2022) (with Colin Starger).
"With a Little Help from My Friends": Counsel at Bail and Enhanced Pretrial Justice Becomes the New Reality, 55 Wake Forest Law Review 795 (2020).
Robert Condlin ADR: Disputing with a Modern Face, or Bargaining for the Bargaining Impaired?, 21 Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution 291 (2020).[Full Text]
Karen Czapanskiy The Constitution, Rape, and Coerced Intercourse: No Protection Required, 35 Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers 83 (2022).[Full Text]
Vaccination, Disabled Children and Parental Income, 24 Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 91 (2021).[Full Text]
Tax Policy, Structured Settlements and Factoring: Making Exploitation Easy and Profitable, 93 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 455 (2020).[Full Text]
Peter G. Danchin The Pandemic Paradox in International Law, 114 American Journal of International Law 598 (2020) (with Jeremy Farrall, Shruti Rana and Imogen Saunders).[Full Text]
Navigating the Backlash against Global Law and Institutions, 38 Australian Yearbook of International Law 1 (2020) (with Jeremy Farrall, Jolyon Ford, Shruti Rana and Imogen Saunders).[Full Text]
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg The Role of Mediation in an Integrated Eviction System, 2 Maryland Bar Journal, no. 2, 112 (2020) (with Toby Guerin and David Spinosa)
Beyond Settlement: Reconceptualizing ADR as "Conflict Process Strategy," 35 Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution 705 (2020).[Full Text]
Disrupting the Eviction Crisis with Conflict Resolution Strategies, 41 Mitchell-Hamline Journal of Public Policy & Practice 125 (2020) (with Noam Ebner).[Full Text]
Martha Ertman Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach, 85 Law & Contemporary Problems, no. 2, 2022, at 231.
Contract in Crisis, Jotwell, April 6, 2020.[Full Text]
The Cost of Non-Billable Work, 99 Texas Law Review Online 184 (2020).[Full Text]
Donald Gifford The Torts Sage as Mentor and Friend: In Memory of Oscar Gray, 79 Maryland Law Review 1151 (2020).
Sara Gold A Holistic Approach to Eviction Prevention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, 68 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 183 (2022) (with Toby Treem Guerin and Kerri McGowan Lowrey).
Daniel Goldberg Reimagining a U.S. Corporate Tax Increase as a Supplemental Subtraction VAT, Florida Tax Review (forthcoming 2022).
Partnership Revaluations: Book-ups Are Your Friends (Usually) - Planning with Revaluations and Their Interplay with Section 704(c), 74 Tax Lawyer 345 (2021).[Full Text]
Leigh Goodmark Intimate Partner Violence Training and Readiness to Respond Among Students, Staff, and Faculty in Three Institutions in the United States, Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2022) (with others). DOI: 10.1177/08862605221099948
Assessing the Impact of the Violence Against Women Act, 5 Annual Review of Criminology 115 (2022).
Beyond the Victim-Offender Binary: Legal and Anti-Violence Intervention Considerations with Women Who Have Used Force in the U.S. and Australia, Affilia, December 2021 (with others).[Full Text]
Gender-Based Violence, Law Reform, and the Criminalization of Survivors of Violence, 10 International Journal of Crime, Justice and Social Democracy 13 (2021).[Full Text]
Surveillance and Entanglement: How Mandatory Sex Offender Registration Impacts Criminalised Survivors of Human Trafficking, Anti-Trafficking Review, no. 14 (2020), at 124 (with Kate Mogulescu).
Reimagining VAWA: Why Criminalization Is a Failed Policy and What a Non-Carceral VAWA Could Look Like, Violence Against Women (2020).[Full Text]
Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Policies and Arrests for Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Intimate Partner Violence After Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States, 33 Criminal Justice Studies 231 (2020) (with Alesha Durfee).
Mark Graber Generational and Constitutional Change, 53 DPCE Online, no. 3, 1549 (2022).[Full Text]
Justice Accused at 45: Reflections on Robert Cover's Masterwork, 37 Touro Law Review 1851 (2022) (with Sanford Levinson).[Full Text]
Essentially Contested Constitutional Revolutions, 81 Maryland Law Review 205 (2021).[Full Text]
The Post Civil-War Amendments as a Constitutional Revolution? 7 Constitutional Studies 2 (2021).
Book Review, Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present by Mary Ziegler , 108 Journal of America History 650 (2021).
Korematsu's Ancestors, 74 Arkansas Law Review 425 (2021).
Original Expectations, 52 Connecticut Law Review 1573 (2021).[Full Text]
Book Review, Entrenchment: Wealth, Power, and the Constitution of Democratic Societies, 107 Journal of American History 449 (2020).
McCulloch and the American Regime, 73 Arkansas Law Review 95 (2020) (reviewing David S. Schwartz, The Spirit of the Constitution: John Marshall and the 200-Year Odyssey of McCulloch v. Maryland (2019)).
Ship Money: The Case that Time and Whittington Forgot, 35 Constitutional Commentary 47 (2020)[Full Text]
David Gray "You Know You've Gotta Help Me Out…", 126 Pennsylvania State Law Review 337 (2022).
Bertillonage in an Age of Surveillance: Fourth Amendment Regulation of Facial Recognition Technologies, 24 SMU Science & Technology Law Review 3 (2021).
Mass Surveillance in the Age of COVID-19, Journal of Law & the Biosciences, June 2020, doi:10.1093/jlb/lsaa023 (with Natalie Ram).
Leslie Meltzer Henry Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for the Inclusion of Pregnant People in Clinical Trials, American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (forthcoming 2022) (with others).[Full Text]
For Now, It's Unethical to Use Human Challenge Studies for SARS-CoV2 Vaccine Development, 117 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 28,538 (2020) (with others).[Full Text]
Diane Hoffmann Allocating Scarce Medical Resources During a Public Health Emergency: Can We Consider Sex?, 22 Houston Journal of Health Law & Polict (forthcoming 2023) (with Katherine E. Goodman).[Full Text]
The Future of Stool Banks: A Premature Death?, 76 Food & Drug Law Journal 522 (2022) (with Felicia D. Langel, Francis B. Palumbo & Erik C. von Rosenvinge).[Full Text]
The Woman Who Cried Pain: Do Sex-Based Disparities Still Exist in the Experience and Treatment of Pain?, 50 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 519 (2022) (with Roger Fillingim & Christin Veasley).
The Need for Balance in Evaluating Opioid-Prescribing Policies, 112 American Journal of Public Health S28 (2022).
Probiotics and the Microbiome: How Can We Help Patients Make Sense of Probiotics? 160 Gastroenterology 614 (2021) (with others).
Reciprocity and Liability Protections During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 51 Hastings Center Report, no. 3, 5 (2021) (with Valerie Gutmann Koch).
Getting Real: The Maryland Healthcare Ethics Committee Network's COVID-19 Working Group Debriefs Lessons Learned, HEC Forum, Feb. 2021 (with others).[Full Text]
Probiotics: Promise, Evidence, and Hope, 159 Gastroenterology 409 (2020) (with others).
Kathleen Hoke State Efforts to Create an Inclusive Marijuana Industry in the Shadow of the Unjust War on Drugs, 12 Journal of Business & Technology Law 235 (2020) (with Mathew Swinburne).[Full Text]
Seema Kakade Environmental Evidence, University of Colorado Law Review (forthcoming 2022).
Environmental Enforceability, 30 N.Y.U. Environmental Law Journal 65 (2022).[Full Text]
Revitalizing Greenhouse Gas Permitting Inside a Biden EPA, 50 Environmental Law Reporter 10,384 (2021) (with Matt Haber).[Full Text]
Detecting Corporate Environmental Cheating, 47 Ecology Law Quarterly 771 (2020) (with Matt Haber).[Full Text]
Remedial Payments in Agency Enforcement, 44 Harvard Environmental Law Review 117 (2020).[Full Text]
Laura Kessler Addressing Sexual Misconduct in the United States Military: An Organizational Approach, 94 Temple Law Review 175 (2022).
Miscarriage of Justice: Early Pregnancy Loss and the Limits of U.S. Employment Law, 108 Cornell Law Review (forthcoming 2022).
Sexual Harassment Is Not a Crime: Aligning the Uniform Code of Military Justice with Title VII, 6 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law & Public Affairs 413 (2021) (with Sagen Gearhart).
Family Law by the Numbers: The Story that Casebooks Tell, 62 Arizona Law Review 903 (2020).
Michael Millemann Releasing Older Prisoners Convicted of Violent Crimes: The Unger Story, 21 University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class 185 (2021) (with Jennifer Elisa Chapman and Samuel P. Feder).[Full Text]
Teaching Professional Responsibility Through Theater, 17 Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal 399 (2020) (with Elliott Rauh and Robert Bowie Jr.).[Full Text]
Brian Miller Religion and Local Power, 72 Mercer Law Review 531 (2021).[Full Text]
Changing Demographics and the Future of Religious Exercise, 2021 Wisconsin Law Review Forward 101.[Full Text]
A Common-Law Remedy for the Eviction Epidemic, 86 Missouri Law Review 795 (2021).[Full Text]
Drone Delivery and the Takings Clause, 6 Texas A&M Journal of Property Law 139 (2020).[Full Text]
Paula Monopoli Gender, Voting Rights, and the Nineteenth Amendment, 20 Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 91 (2022).
Feminist Legal History and Legal Pedagogy, 108 Virginia Law Review Online 91 (2022).
Women, Democracy, and the Nineteenth Amendment, 100 Boston University Law Review 1727 (2020).[Full Text]
The Constitutional Development of the Nineteenth Amendment in the Decade Following Ratification, 11 ConLawNOW 61 (2020).[Full Text]
William Moon Anonymous Companies, 71 Duke Law Journal 1425 (2022).[Full Text]
Delaware's Global Competitiveness, 106 Iowa Law Review 1683 (2021).[Full Text]
Delaware's New Competition, 114 Northwestern University Law Review 1403 (2020).[Full Text]
Robert Percival Can Environmental Law Solve the "Forever Chemical" Problem?, 57 Wake Forest Law Review 101 (2022) (with Mark Nevitt).[Full Text]
The Shadow Docket, 39 The Environmental Forum 27 (2022).
Transnational Environmental Accountability, Natural Resources & Environment, Fall 2020, at 8 (with Jingjing Zhang).
The EPA as a Catalyst for the Development of Global Environmental Law, 70 Case Western Reserve Law Review 1151 (2020).[Full Text]
Alexi Pfeffer-Gillett Unfair by Default: Arbitration's Reverse Default Judgment Problem, 171 University of Pennsylvania Law Review (forthcoming 2023).[Full Text]
Civil Disobedience in the Face of Texas's Abortion Ban, 106 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes 203 (2021).[Full Text]
Michael Pinard Reflecting on Our Turbulent Times, 28 Clinical Law Review 1 (2021) (with Phyllis Goldfarb & Randy Hertz).
Race Decriminalization and Criminal Legal System Reform, 95 N.Y.U. Law Review Online 119 (2020).[Full Text]
Amanda C. Pustilnik Mind the Gap: Lessons Learned from Neurorights, Science & Diplomacy (Feb. 28, 2022) (with Karen S. Rommelfanger and Arleen Salles).
Beating Pain with Psychedelics: Matter over Mind?, Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews (2021) (with Igor Elman & David Borsook).[Full Text]
Natalie Ram The Future of Wastewater Monitoring for the Public Health, 56 University of Richmond Law Review 911 (2022) (with Lance Gable & Jeffrey L. Ram).[Full Text]
America's Hidden National DNA Database, 100 Texas Law Review 1253 (2022).
Regulating Forensic Genetic Genealogy, 373 Science 1444 (2021) (with Erin E. Murphy and Sonia M. Suter).
Legal and Ethical Implications of Wastewater SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring for COVID-19 Surveillance, 7 Journal of Law & the Biosciences, no. 1, lsaa039 (2020) (with Lance Gable and Jeffrey L. Ram).[Full Text]
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Jana B. Singer Tribute to Professor Oscar S. Gray, 79 Maryland Law Review 1158 (2020).
Maneka Sinha Radically Reimagining Forensic Evidence, 73 Alabama Law Review 879 (2022).[Full Text]
Junk Science at Sentencing, 89 George Washington Law Review 52 (2021).[Full Text]
Matiangai Sirleaf We Charge Vaccine Apartheid, Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (forthcoming 2022).
Disposable Lives: COVID-19, Vaccines, and the Uprising, 121 Columbia Law Review Forum 71 (2021).[Full Text]
Racial Valuation of Diseases, 67 UCLA Law Review 1820 (2021).[Full Text]
"I Can't Breathe": Connecting COVID-19, Protests, and Global Health, 114 Proceedings of the ASIL Annual Meeting 373 (2020).
Entry Denied: COVID-19, Race, Migration & Global Health, 2 Frontiers in Human Dynamics 599157 (2020).[Full Text]
Capacity-Building, International Cooperation, and COVID-19, 24 ASIL Insights, No. 17 (2020).[Full Text]
Max Stearns Modeling Narrowest Grounds, 89 George Washington Law Review 461 (2021).[Full Text]
Constitutional Law's Conflicting Premises, 96 Notre Dame Law Review 447 (2020).[Full Text]
Maureen Sweeney Detention as Deterrent: Denying Justice to immigrants and Asylum Seekers, 36 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 291 (2021) (with Sirine Shebaya and Dree K. Collopy).
Kevin Tu Blockchain Stock Ledgers, 96 Indiana Law Journal 223 (2020).
Michael P. Van Alstine Arresting Misguided Trends in Treaty Law, 110 Kentucky Law Journal 421 (2022).
The Unified Field Solution to the Battle of the Forms Under the UN Sales Convention, 62 William & Mary Law Review 213 (2020).[Full Text]
Liza Vertinsky Pharmaceutical (Re)Capture, 20 Yale Journal of Health Policy Law & Ethics 146 (2022).
Regulatory Reactivity: FDA and the Response to COVID-19, 76 Food & Drug Law Journal 318 (2021) (with Yaniv Heled & Ana Santos Rutschman).
Genetic Paparazzi: Beyond Genetic Privacy, 82 Ohio State Law Journal 409 (2021) (with Yaniv Heled).
Public-Private Litigation for Health, 2021 Utah Law Review 1173 (with Reuben Guttman).
A Wrong Without a Remedy: Leaving Parents and Children with a Hollow Victory in Lawsuits Against Unscrupulous Sperm Banks, 96 Chicago-Kent Law Review 115 (2021) (with Yaniv Heled and Timothy Lytton).
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