The IP Program features a rich curriculum in intellectual property, information, and technology law.  All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in IP courses, regardless of their career aspirations. 

For students who are planning careers as IP attorneys, the IP Program offers an Intellectual Property Law Track.  Students on the IP Track receive comprehensive exposure to legal doctrines through required core courses and a broad range of electives, along with valuable opportunities for hands-on training in the IP Clinic and approved externships.

Graduate Degree Programs

In addition to our J.D. Program, the IP Program offers opportunities for students interested in pursuing other advanced degrees.  The LL.M. Program provides advanced legal education for foreign-trained lawyers seeking broad exposure to U.S. law, as well as American attorneys who want to develop specific expertise in intellectual property law.

Our M.S.L. Program is designed for non-lawyers whose professional careers will be enhanced by a deeper understanding of relevant laws and regulations.  The Patent Law Specialization is particularly well suited to engineers and scientists, technology transfer officers, and business managers who work with patent attorneys and the patent laws.  All courses are held at the University of Maryland, College Park.