Trump & the ACA: A Panel Discussion on the Multi-City Litigation

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On October 25th, the Law & Health Care Program at Maryland Carey Law presented a panel discussion on the multi-city lawsuit brought against the Trump Administration for failure to implement the Affordable Care Act. On August 2, 2018, several cities (including Baltimore) filed suit against the Trump administration for actions taken to sabotage the Affordable Care Act. The suit alleges violations under the Administrative Procedure Act and the Take Care Clause of the Constitution. Panel participants included Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis '78 who is engaged in the lawsuit as the attorney for Baltimore City; Vincent DeMarco, President of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, who discussed the impact of Trump Administration actions on Maryland residents; and Professor Mark Graber, who discussed the constitutional arguments asserted in the compliant, particularly teh argument that the Administration's actions violate the Take Care Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Materials from the panel discussion are provided below:

ACA Sabotage Complaint

Impact of Trump ACA actions on Maryland - Report for Rep. Elijah Cummings

MHBE - Average Premium Change - Small Group and Individual Market 2014-2018

Health Care Sabotage Tracker from Protect Our Care

Potential Impact of Down Payment Bill - Stan Dorn, Senior Fellow, Families USA

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