Rothenberg Health Care Law & Policy Speaker Series

About the Series

In 2020, the Law & Health Care Program initiated the Rothenberg Health Care Law & Policy Speaker Series, named for Karen H. Rothenberg, JD, MPA, the Marjorie Cook Professor Emeritus of Law, founding Director of the Law & Health Care Program, and former Dean of the University of Maryland School of Law from 1999 – 2009. This series, established with funding from the Karen Rothenberg and Jeffrey Seltzer Law & Health Care Program Endowment, focuses on contemporary issues in health care law and policy. Thanks to its virtual format, the Rothenberg Series has enabled the L&HCP to bring leading health law and policy experts, scholars, and practitioners together with attendees who teach and practice in the field, whether they are L&HCP alumni or friends in Baltimore or from across the world. We hope you will join us for the next dynamic discussion of emerging issues in the field of health care law and policy, and if you missed any of our wonderful guests, you can watch past events below.