Welcome to the JustAdvice® Project

The JustAdvice® Project sessions for this semester will begin on September 6, 2018 and end on November 20, 2018.  Please see “What if I want to Schedule an Appointment” below if you would like to make an appointment.

What is the JustAdvice® Project?

A project of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Clinical Program, the JustAdvice®Project provides free legal consultation to Maryland residents.  The program began operating in June 2009 and was restructured and relaunched in its current form in April 2010.  Since its creation in 2009, the JustAdvice®Project has served over 2,800 individuals providing legal advice on a broad range of legal issues.  These issues include matters concerning family law, housing, employment, expungement, insurance, consumer law, taxes, civil actions, and social security. The program’s goal is to increase access to justice within the Baltimore community by providing a free alternative for individuals in need of legal advice who do not qualify for Legal Aid, but may not have the resources to hire a private attorney.

What Does the JustAdvice® Project Do?

The JustAdvice® Project hosts two three-hour sessions each week. Clients receive up to 30 minutes with an experienced attorney to discuss their legal issue.  During this meeting, clients can gain a better understanding of the legal issues they face and receive advice on how to proceed in order to resolve those issues.  As noted above, the JustAdvice® Project will assist with legal issues pertaining to family law, housing, employment, insurance, social security, taxes, and consumer concerns.  In addition, the JustAdvice® Project can also help with expungement of court records by assisting with the completion of the required forms.

What if I want to Schedule an Appointment?

To schedule an appointment with the JustAdvice® Project, please:

  1. phone 410-929-4809or
  2. use our online contact form below.

A JustAdvice® representative will contact you to schedule an appointment for a specific date and time.

When do JustAdvice® sessions take place?

From now through November 20, 2018, JustAdvice® sessions are scheduled on Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM and on Thursday afternoons from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM.  The last appointments for each day are scheduled for one hour before the session ends to ensure there is time to provide legal advice.  Walk-ins must arrive at least one hour before the session ends to have a chance to be seen that day.  In other words, walk-ins must arrive by 2:00 PM on Tuesdays and 4:00 PM on Thursdays.

Where do JustAdvice® sessions take place?


  • Tuesday Sessions:      UMB Community Engagement Center

            1 N. Poppleton St. (870 W. Baltimore St.)

            Baltimore, Maryland  21201

(The entrance is on Baltimore St., east of Poppleton St. and west of the Maryland Proton Treatment Center.)


  • Thursday Sessions:    The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

            500 W. Baltimore St., Room 360

            Baltimore, Maryland  21201


This site is solely intended to provide legal information to the public. It is not intended to provide legal advice.  Legal information constitutes general information about the law while legal advice involves an application of the law to an individual's specific circumstances.

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