Webex Unified Phone System

Webex Instructions

Downloading Software

WebEx Software can be downloaded by going to your phone's app store and searching for the "Webex" app. Note: Please download WebEx, NOT WebEx meetings. You can also go to https://www.webex.com/downloads.html and download the Webex software on your laptop

Logging in

Use your student email address (ending in @umaryland.edu) to sign into the Webex app. You will be required to use Duo to authenticate into the app using multi-factor authentication. 

Using Webex

Making calls is as easy as entering the desired phone number in the search bar and clicking enter, or the "audio" button to dial out. Please remember to put a "9" prior to the ten digit phone number to call out. Long distance calls outside Baltimore require "91" before the phone number

Dialing instructions for Webex

Recieving Calls

Recieving calls is as easy as accpeting the call in your mobile app or laptop. The mobile app will display that the call is from Webex. Simply "Accept" the call. On a laptop a popup will display to accept or reject a call. Mobile and PC screenshots attached below. 



You will be assigned a voicemail PIN when you start classes. To open the voicemail, click the voicemail tab on the left side of the screen and click the "Call Voicemail" link towards the top of the page (see screenshot).

On mobile devices, the "Call Voicemail" link is on the dialing screen. DO NOT alter the greeting or PIN. This is managed by the clinical law department. Please note, since these are shared phone lines, to coordinate with the other students sharing the line before deleting a message. 



Please contact the law school's help desk with any issues you may experience. Do not place a ticket with UMB's help desk unless directed by the law school's IT staff.