A Guided Path of Study

The Business Law Track will expose students to core substantive courses in business law and socialize them to the business community and business law practice through experiences such as Foundations of Business Law, Financial and Accounting Basics for Lawyers, and individual mentoring with faculty and practitioners involved with the Business Law Program. The Business Law Program will work closely with students pursuing the Business Law Track to develop and market their transactional and counseling skills. Upon successfully completing the Business Law Track, students will receive a Letter of Completion to accompany their transcripts, which will highlight the student's skill sets and professional attributes that make the student well-suited for a business law related career.

The Business Law Track requires students to complete the following:  (i) seven Core Courses; (ii) a business focused Experiential Learning Requirement (i.e., externship or clinic); and (iii) two business-related Elective courses.  Each of these components is further described below.  In addition, students pursuing the Track are expected to attend at least two meetings with the Program Director or Associate Director prior to graduation.

Participating in the Business Law Track

Students are not required to commit to the Business Law Track, but those who are considering it should join the Business Law Track Blackboard course as soon as possible as an expression of interest. Students enrolled in the Track course will receive exclusive news, invitations, and other offers by email from the Business Law Program, and they may also receive priority consideration for certain opportunities, such as participation in the transactional law team. To join, please log on to Blackboard, search the course menu for "Business Law Track," and submit a request for enrollment. Prior to graduation, students will formally elect the Business Law Track upon completing the requirements and requesting a Letter of Completion.