The Business Fellowship Program offers companies and institutions the opportunity to meet their business and legal needs while fostering the professional development of the next generation of law and business leaders. 

The Clerkship Model

The fellowship is intended as an elite experience and uses the judicial clerkship as its structural model.  Like judicial clerkships:

  • Business fellowships are temporary positions and employers are not expected to offer permanent employment to fellows.
  • The fellow’s specific responsibilities are determined by the employer, but are likely to include legal work in the business counsel’s office or assignments in the employer’s business operations that draw on the fellow’s legal knowledge.

Benefits of the Program

The fellowship is designed to add value to the business by bringing energetic and thoughtful junior talent to the partnering organization. At the same time, fellows gain knowledge, experience and mentoring that will speed their transition to a business or legal position following their fellowships.

Employers that are participating in the program