Penalties & Late Fees

The late fee is $100 or 5% of the balance due (whichever is less) for any amount due and payable by the student not included in the above exceptions.

If you elect the installment payment plan and payment is received in the Student Accounts Office within a ten day period after the due date you will be charged a late fee of $25. However, if the installment payment is not received within ten days after its due date, the total remaining balance will become due. In addition to the total amount due and the $25 late fee, there will be an additional charge of $100 or 5% of the balance due, whichever is less, added to your account.

As with any amount owed to the State of Maryland, seriously past due accounts will be referred to the State Central Collections Unit. Once an account has been referred to SCCU an additional 17% collection fee is assessed and the delinquency is reported to the credit bureaus.

Any questions or more detailed information may be obtained from Student Accounts, HS/HSL, 601 W. Lombard Street, Suite 206 (410) 706-2930.