Determination of In-State Status

An initial determination of in-state status for admission, tuition and charge-differential purposes will be made by the university at the time a student’s application for admission is under consideration. The determination made at that time, and any determination thereafter, shall prevail in each semester until the determination is successfully challenged prior to the last day available for registration for the forthcoming semester. A determination regarding in-state status may be changed for any subsequent semester if circumstances warrant re-determination.

Applicants for review of eligibility and questions concerning the university policy should be directed to the campus Office of the Registrar. Students classified as in-state for admission, tuition and charge-differential purposes are responsible for notifying the Office of Records and Registration in writing within 15 days of any change of circumstances that might affect their classification at the University of Maryland. A complete policy statement may be obtained on the Campus website.

Students who received educational loans while in law school must participate in entrance and exit interviews conducted by the Campus Financial Aid Office. Students with general financial aid questions can also visit the Student Financial Planning Coordinator in Suite 280.