Add/Drop & Tuition Changes

For most students, and in most circumstances, online add/drop will continue through the first two weeks of the semester. Earlier add/drop deadlines exist for Clinic/LTP courses and early-semester short courses.

Paper add/drop (as opposed to online add/drop) is recommended for students who are being billed by the credit hour (e.g., 2D, 3D, 3E, and 4E students) who drop classes between the tuition billing date (the day prior to the first day of the semester) and the add/drop deadline. This is because the on-line system does not recognize dropped credits after the initial bill is calculated.  Students who add credits will be identified by the on-line system and billed at the appropriate higher rate.

After the add/drop deadline, tuition cannot be reduced in recognition of dropped courses, unless the student withdraws from school entirely. The University sets refund dates for students who withdraw from school entirely and publishes the Refund Schedule for Withdrawal.

Options for 2E Students

2E students are billed on a flat rate for 10 credits each semester.  During the summer between the 1E and 2E years, students are billed on a per credit basis.  During the summer between the 1E and 2E years, rising 2E students have the option of substituting a summer course for a spring elective, or of substituting two summer courses for both the fall and spring electives, without payment of additional tuition.  In this situation, a tuition credit would be processed for the summer course(s), and the student would pay the 10-credit flat rate in the spring.  Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must notify the Law School Registrar and the Law School Financial Aid Coordinator by the add/drop deadline for the course or courses being taken during the summer session or early summer session.

Students wishing to take courses during the summer between the 1E and 2E years (in addition to the full 10-credit load during the 2E fall and spring semesters) may do so and will be billed on a per credit basis.  Students receiving merit-based scholarships may use a portion of their scholarships toward summer session tuition.

2E students wishing to take more than 10 credits during one or both semesters of the 2E year would lose the benefit of the flat-rate tuition and would be billed for all credits on a per credit basis.

Students who have completed the 1E year who wish to transition to the Day Division may do so by completing the Request to Transition from 1E to 2D.  Students pursuing this option will give up the 2E flat rate and will be billed on a per credit basis going forward, regardless of the number of credits taken in any semester.