Posting of Flyers & Notices

All postings must be approved in advance by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). To obtain approval, bring your proposed notice or posting to OSA in Suite 280. Upon approval, your notice or posting will be stamped, and you will be instructed as to which bulletin board(s) you may use for your posting. Nothing may be posted on the walls.

  • Any notice not approved/stamped will be removed from the boards and discarded.
  • All notices must be professional in appearance. Handwritten material will not be posted.
  • Any notice that becomes unpresentable or defaced will be removed and discarded.
  • Maximum size of notice is 11” x 14”. Minimum size is 3” x 5”.
  • Notice must be from a member of the University community and concerning UMB school-related activities.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization/person must be clearly indicated on the notice, and contact information must be included.
  • Notice will be removed after the event has taken place or after 30 days, whichever comes first.
  • If bulletin board space is limited, OSA reserves the right to select notices for events with the widest appeal.
  • Notices advocating fraud or unlawful actions and notices OSA considers inappropriate are not permitted.
  • Posting of a notice does not imply endorsement by the University of Maryland Carey School of Law