Depending on the event and how it is to be advertised - advertising will need to happen anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 week in advance.

  • Large scale events (BLSA Banquet; journal symposiums; Barrister’s Ball)
    • May need an Eventbritelisting in order to collect RSVPs
      • It is preferred by the marketing staff that any Eventbrite listing is on the school account.
      • This can be done by working with Ms.Kim.
    • Talk with Ms. Kim more than four weeks in advance
  • Smaller scale events (in school lunch and learns, food sales, general body meetings)
    • Advertising can be done 1 - 2 weeks in advance
    • Can still do an Eventbrite listing if so desired – speak with Ms Kim.

Advertising Options

  • For Oyez!
    • Flyers need to be submitted as attachments (JPEG or PDF preferred) to by 6pm on the Wednesday prior to when it is desired for it to first appear in the Oyez.
    • Calendar portion of the Oyez is created by using the online events calendar.  Again, if room requests are not submitted and approved by 6pm on the Wednesday prior they may not be on the online calendar which means they will not be in the Oyez.
  • Online Events Calendar
    • Request for inclusion on the online calendar is done on the room request form.
    • Events get posed to the calendar AFTER the room request is approved and can take a full business day after the room request is approved.
  • Flyers
    • Can be posted (after stamp of approval by OSA) on four bulletin boards. These boards are located outside of the library, outside the Comcast dining area, in the vending room and on the first floor across from Krongard Room.
    • Bring five copies to OSA; one copy will be kept.
  • Student Organization Digest      
    • Comes out once per day.
    • Can place up to three announcements per event/meeting.
    • Must be sent from organization’s email address only.