Prior Planning


  • Student organizations may host virtual events or in person events 
  • Depending on the type of event, please consider collaborating with other student organizations or departments.
  • All organizations must receive approval from OSA before hosting a meeting or event. 
  • Three-step process:
  • SBA Requires a day and evening meeting OR two weeks’ notice and one meeting during twilight time (5:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
  • Every group should have a minimum of one or two meetings a semester. Most groups will not need more than that.
  • Black-out Periods:
    • The first full week of classes in the fall and spring.  No programming and no general body meetings.
    • One week before exams start.  

Date Considerations

  • There are programs/events which OSA has been asked to not program over at all, or minimally. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Select CDO events (particularly orientation for 1D/2E students, judicial reception, firm nights)
    • Dean’s convocation
    • Journal Symposiums, Myerowitz Moot Court Competition Finals, or other co-curricular events
    • Anchor Programs on Mondays at noon
    • Clinic Events (particularly the clinic fair in the spring)
    • MPILP Auction
    • BLSA Banquet/APALSA Networking reception
    • Other events can be added at any time
  • Attempt is made to not have event topics overlap on a given day or even in a given week if it is avoidable.
  • Blackout periods - there is a period of time prior to exams when no student organization events or meetings are allowed.  These dates will be on the advance planning calendar for each semester.

Food Event Information & Restrictions

  • Only one food event per day is allowed in the Comcast, Courtyard, and mailbox areas.
  • No more than three food events in one week (this is a combination of events such as food sale, free food events, bake sales).
  • No more than TWO larger scale food events/sales in Comcast, Courtyard or mailbox area in one week.
  • Coffee cannot be sold or given away.  The only exception is if the product is purchased from the coffee bar and then given away or sold.  This is part of the agreement the school has with the management of the coffee bar.
  • Room 469 has utensils, serveware, cups, napkins, tableclothes, and sternos
  • Room 472 has decorations and arts and crafts materials

Alcohol at Events

Sometimes student organizations wish to have alcohol at events particularly for social events or fundraisers.  There are specific guidelines that must be followed.

  • The first stop is to request, in writing, for approval to have alcohol at an on campus event by emailing Ms. Ann Kim at If you receive approval you will be asked to take the following steps:
  • University Alcoholic Beverage Permits are required for any event on campus that serves alcohol.  There is no charge for this permit. 
  • Applications can be picked up from Ms. Kim in the Office of Student Affairs.  She will meet with a representative from the organization briefly to go over the application process.
  • Once completed, return it to the Office of Student Affairs where Ms. Kim will review the application and sign it. 
  • Notification will be given when the form is approved and the original form will be returned to the person who requested it.  That form must be present during the event and the signs that came with the permit must be displayed.
  • Please provide this form to OSA a minimum of 5 business days prior to the event if the event and/or alcohol is free.  If a city liquor permit is needed (see below) the University form must be returned to OSA a minimum of 15 business days in advance.
  • City Liquor Permit
    • If a cash bar is planned or if an organization sells tickets to an event where alcohol will be served the organization must obtain a one day alcohol permit from the City Board of Liquor License Commissioners at 231 E. Baltimore Street, 6th Floor (410-396-4377, hours:  8:30 am-4:30 pm).  This is in addition to the University form.  The cost for a 1-day permit is $25.00 for beer and wine and $50.00 for beer, wine and liquor. 
    • The University form must be filled out and approved BEFORE attempting to obtain the license from the City Board of Liquor License Commissioners.
    • A letter will be generated and signed by Dean Hayes which must be taken, along with the city form which can be obtained from Ms. Kim, when requesting the permit from the city.
    • The Liquor Board can take as long as 10 business days to approve your request.  Typically it is done immediately - but that does not always happen.
  • Important Information to Consider
    • Alcohol should be a compliment to the event and not the primary reason.
    • Per the University alcohol policy, where alcohol is consumed, food shall also be provided by the sponsor of the event.
    • Social events, such as “beer blasts,” (pub crawls) that encourage drinking or drunkenness as themes, and the advertisement of such events are considered inappropriate and shall not be permitted. 
    • Drinking games such as ‘beer pong’ are not permitted in association with the school’s name.
    • Prohibited items:
      • Kegs
      • Glass beer bottles
      • Red wine in carpeted areas of the building.
    • Reimbursement for any alcohol purchased will go through the University Foundation account. Please talk with Ms. Kim in OSA for more information.

Facilities & Media Staff Assistance

  • Facility Assistance
    • Two weeks’ notice is required to request assistance from Facilities staff to set-up for student organization sponsored events.
      • Extra tables
      • Trash cans
      • Change in room set-up
  • Extra Electrical in Comcast
    • This requires THREE weeks’ notice
  • Media Assistance
    • Two weeks’ notice is required for anything other than use of the Smart Podium in the classrooms.
    • All advanced media requests must now also be approved by Dean Gontrum so it is an extra step.  These include recording, particularly in the Ceremonial Courtroom and almost anything that is in addition to the use of the Smart Podium.
    • All student organizations should have at least one person trained on the classroom technology.  Media Services can arrange to train a representative from a group on how to utilize the Smart Podium available in each classroom.

Room/Sales Table Requests

  • Room reservations can be made online.  
  • Can take up to two business days to receive confirmation of approval
  • Check the room availability calendar to prevent a delay in approval
  • Special Request through OSA
    • Ceremonial Courtroom
    • Atrium
    • Courtyard
    • Comcast
    • Student Mailbox area
    • Krongard Room
  • Westminster Hall
    • Reserving this space is a separate process. Please talk with Ms. Kim about the event you wish to hold in Westminster and she will give you the contact information for the department that coordinates Westminster Hall reservations.
    • Student groups can reserve the space for only $150 - to account for staff time – Monday through Friday. Weekends are a premium time and standard rental rates will apply.


Depending on the event and how it is to be advertised - advertising will need to happen anywhere from 4 weeks to 1 week in advance.

  • Large scale events (BLSA Banquet; journal symposiums; Barrister’s Ball)
    • May need an Eventbrite listing in order to collect RSVPs
    • Please contact OSA so we can get you an account for Evenbrite

Advertising Options

  • Student Elm
    • All approved events will be included in The Elm
  • Flyers
    • Can be posted (after stamp of approval by OSA) on four bulletin boards. These boards are located outside of the library, outside the Comcast dining area, in the vending room and on the first floor across from Krongard Room.
    • Bring five copies to OSA; one copy will be kept.
  • Social Media
    • Follow SBA on Instagram and Facebook @UMarylandLawSBA

Alumni Involvement

Groups are strongly encouraged to invite alumni to speak at events.  Andrew Altshuler, Deputy Director of Development, is a resource in this area and can be reached by emailing  He can direct you to specific alumni to ask and will give suggestions if alumni that you wanted are unavailable.

  • Procedure for requesting alumni as speakers or attendees:
    • Contact Mr. Altshuler at least four weeks in advance - preferably further out.
    • Provide Mr. Altshuler with the following information:
      • Date/time/location of event
      • Topic
      • Will alumni serve as speaker(s) or attendees?
      • If alumni are in attendance at your event and/or are asked to speak you MUST notify Andrew Altshuler.