Student Reporting Responsibility & Disciplinary Policy

The Faculty Council reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose continued presence would not, in the judgment of the Council, be of benefit to the student or would be detrimental to the best interests of the school.  The rights reserved to the Faculty Council in this paragraph shall be exercised as provided in the Student Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure.

Students have an obligation to promptly (within ten days of occurrence) report any criminal citations/arrests or administrative charges in writing to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  (Students need not report minor traffic citations for which the possible maximum fine does not exceed $50.00.)

The written documentation should contain copies of any citations or charging documents.  In addition, the student has an ongoing obligation to timely inform the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of any action taken or changes in status with regard to the charges.

Students should also be aware that under the Campus Substance Abuse Policy, they have an obligation to report to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, within five days of its occurrence, any drug or alcohol related conviction.

The entire Policy can be found here