Face Covering Mandate

Student Disciplinary Procedure for Failure to Comply with Face Covering Mandate 

The University of Maryland Baltimore has instituted a mask mandate covering indoor areas on campus. This mandate includes the law school building and is an important public health tool helping provide for the safety of members of the Maryland Carey Law community and their families and friends.  Failure to wear a mask is a violation of the school’s code of student conduct because it is a violation of an official “administrative polic[y] or regulation[],” endangers the safety of the community, and is otherwise detrimental to the interests of the law school.  See Student Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure, III.A.1.a.  Professors may remove their masks while teaching as long as they are six feet from students in the class.

A student violating the mask mandate will be asked to wear a mask.  If the student refuses, the Dean will initiate disciplinary proceedings and the student will be prohibited from entering the building until either disciplinary proceedings are completed or the student agrees to wear a mask.  A student who ultimately agrees to wear a mask after disciplinary proceedings have been initiated will be allowed to return to class, but proceedings under the disciplinary code will continue.

If a student refuses to wear a mask in class, the Professor may discontinue the class and the student will be prohibited from attending class until the student agrees to wear a mask.  The student may also be disenrolled from the course.

August 20, 2021