Computing Acceptable Use Policy

(See also the Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy (UMB))

Acceptable Students, Faculty and Staff Use of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law Computing Facilities and Resources. [Revised March 2003]


The University of Maryland provides computing resources, including Email, in support of the School’s mission of teaching, research, and community service. The goal for the School of Law's technological resources is to provide the greatest opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to conduct their work and exercise their curiosity freely.

Rights and Responsibilities
Computing resources can provide access to resources on and off campus, as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. Access requires that individual users act responsibly.

The School of Law reserves the right to view any materials on our computer systems and to periodically delete any and all files.

1. The following practices are prohibited:

a. Using any computer network for a purpose other than scholarship (research and/or learning), public service, or personal communication.

b. Using the Campus Network to gain unauthorized access to any computer systems;

c. Using a computer account in a manner that violates the law, the policies of UMB, or the policies of the School of Law. Examples of such prohibited use include violations of a School's anti-discrimination or harassment policies or of its Honor Code..

d. Forging the identity of a user or machine in an electronic communication;

e. Using a computer account without authorization;

f. Using electronic mail to harass or threaten others. Examples of prohibited use include violations of the School’s anti-discrimination or harassment policies or of its Honor Code.

2. Users must respect the intellectual property of others and avoid any unprivileged or unauthorized access to or use of copyrighted materials;

3. The School of Law provides Email services at the University of Maryland to facilitate official communications between the school, student organizations, faculty staff and students. Email messages that are unofficial and unsolicited are considered SPAM, and represent an inappropriate use of Maryland’s computer resources.

Misuse of computing, or information resources may result in the loss of access and other sanctions. Enforcement of this policy, when applied to students, should be vested in the Administrative Committee. Enforcement of this policy, when applied to non-students, is vested in the Dean of the School of Law or his/her designatee.


Web Policies
In addition to responsible use of computing resources, the School of Law maintains a web page with the following guidelines and concerns:

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