Student Illness or Emergency During an Exam

Should an illness or emergency arise which prevents a student from getting to school to take an exam, the student must contact the Office of Registration & Enrollment at (410) 706-2045. (Students should not send an email in lieu of calling; emails may not be read quickly enough to permit timely response.) Students must present a doctor’s note before being permitted to take an exam rescheduled due to illness.

Students who leave an exam early due to illness will be graded on their answers produced during the exam; there will be no grading accommodation due to a student’s decision to discontinue taking an exam as a result of illness. Because students will be graded on their answers produced during the exam, students who are ill are advised to request postponement of the exam prior to picking up the exam.

Should an emergency arise during an exam the student must immediately contact staff in the Office of Registration & Enrollment.