Exam Rescheduling Rules

The online form must be completed and submitted no later than the Friday before the beginning of the exam period. Requests received after that date may not be considered.

Do not discuss exam rescheduling with your instructor, and do not discuss the exam with anyone subsequent to the exam's regularly scheduled administration or at any time which would give any student taking the exam an unfair advantage; doing so may be an Honor Code violation.


  1. No student shall be required to take exams (take home exams included) on two consecutive days unless twenty-four hours intervene between the beginning of the first exam and the beginning of the second exam; e.g., exams scheduled on successive days at 1:30 p.m. are NOT considered to be in conflict.
  2. No student shall be required to take exams (take home exams included) on more than two consecutive days, e.g., a student with exams on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday may reschedule one.
  3. Evening division students with exams (take home exams included) on two consecutive days may reschedule one of the exams, e.g., an evening student with exams on Monday and Tuesday of the same week may reschedule one.
  4. Although the scheduling of take-home exams may result in conflict as described in 1, 2, or 3 above, the take-home may not be rescheduled; only the other exam in conflict may be rescheduled.
  5. Exams may not be rescheduled at a time earlier than the original time and date, unless there is a conflict according to rules 1, 2 or 3 above and when later rescheduling may not be feasible.
  6. Appeal to health reasons as an excuse for rescheduling an examination, whether in advance or at the last moment, will be honored only upon receipt of a doctor's letter certifying the illness and the necessity of missing the scheduled examination.
  7. In general, the Office of Registration and Enrollment shall not recognize reasons other than health problems as excusing causes for missing a scheduled examination. If some serious and urgent problem arises, however, due consideration will be given. The presumption is that, except for health reasons, most requests received for rescheduling examinations will not be honored.
  8. The online form will permit you to request a time slot during which another regularly scheduled examination is administered. Although the time requested normally will be approved, other considerations may require approval of a time other than that requested. Requests which create another conflict may be denied. Requests should be made to cause the fewest reschedulings.
  9. Notices signifying approval or disapproval of requests will be emailed to students at your official law school email address.
  10. Rescheduled exams should be picked up from the Office of Registration and Enrollment, Suite 280, approximately 15 minutes prior to the rescheduled exam start time, and must be returned to the same office within the time limits of the rescheduled exam. You will be assigned a room when you pick up your examination.
  11. Unless a conflict would still occur with another examination, the rescheduled examination must be taken no later than the last day of the exam period.
  12. Students who do not take a regularly scheduled examination and are judged by the Director of Registration and Enrollment not to have had adequate reason to miss the examination will receive a grade of F.