Written Work Submitted for Multiple Courses

A student may write a paper in satisfaction of the requirements of two seminars taken simultaneously, if it is approved by the seminar instructors and the Curriculum Committee in advance and on condition that the seminar instructors consult with each other on supervising the paper and on the grade.  (The grade need not be the same for each seminar).  A project of this nature will not be approved by the Curriculum Committee unless it is at least the equivalent of four-credit independent written work.

A student may not obtain credit for both independent written work and a seminar, course, or other offering (including Moot Court, The Journal of Business and Technology Law, The Journal of Health Care Law & Policy, The Maryland Journal of International Law, The Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class, or The Maryland Law Review) for a single piece of written work, unless this is approved by the Curriculum Committee pursuant to the procedures and conditions for doing independent written work for more than two credits.