Visiting Away for One or Two Semesters

A request to attend any fall and/or spring semester at another ABA-approved law school (to "visit away") will be granted to a student only under compelling personal circumstances, such as the illness of the student or a close family member.

Students seeking approval to visit away must be in good academic standing and must submit to the Associate Dean a written request for permission to visit away on or before May 1 for the following fall semester, or October 1 for the following spring semester. The request must identify the school(s) the student seeks permission to visit and must set forth the student's reasons for requesting permission and include any relevant documentation to support those reasons.  Permission be granted to complete required courses at another law school only in extraordinary circumstances.  Under no circumstances will permission be granted to complete the Advanced Writing Requirement at or through another law school.

If the request to visit away is approved, the student must submit the Request to Take Courses at Another Law School in order to obtain advance permission for each course he or she wishes to take.  It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for the host school to forward an official transcript of grades to the Office of Registration & Enrollment at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law. Official final grades from other schools typically cannot be processed and delivered in time to certify students for spring graduation. A graduating student taking one or more courses at another school during the spring semester will be permitted to participate in spring graduation ceremonies, but in most cases will not be certified for graduation until the end of the summer session. Summer graduates do not receive graduating class rank until they are ranked with graduates the following spring.