Repeating Courses

A student who fails a required course must repeat the course. A student who fails an elective course is not required to repeat the course, but may do so, subject to the permission of the faculty member teaching the repeated course. Except as hereinafter provided, a student may repeat a course the student has not failed, but only for one course on one occasion during the student's law school career, and only with the permission of the faculty member teaching the repeated course. A student who has not failed the course may not repeat any Cardin, Clinic, Introduction to Legal Research (formerly Legal Analysis Writing and Research II: Research), Legal Analysis and Writing (formerly Legal Analysis, Writing and Research I), Legal Theory and Practice, or Written and Oral Advocacy (formerly Legal Analysis, Writing and Research II) course without the express permission of the Office of Registration & Enrollment.  The same is true also for Advance Legal Research (ALR) either as a true repeat or where the student wishes to take multiple forms of ALR such as ALR and ALR: Business Law for example.

A student who is required to repeat a course pursuant to the previous paragraph must do so no later than the next time the course is offered in the division in which the student is registered. However, if the course is next offered during the summer session, it need not be repeated at that time.

A student may receive credit for a course only once, the last time the course was taken. The student must pay tuition and fees for the repeated course as if not repeated. When a course is repeated, the new grade, whether higher or lower, replaces the old grade in the student's grade point average. However, both grades remain on the student's transcript, with a notation that the course was repeated.