Online Grades & Evaluation of Faculty

To obtain grades online, students must first complete evaluations of their professors. Both faculty evaluations and grade retrieval are located on the School's website through "My UM Law." Students log on using their myUMBID username and password.

To complete faculty evaluations, click on "Faculty Evaluation System" on the menu. Each student's semester classes will appear. Under the section "Eval Status," students should click on the "Not Yet Entered" for the class/professor. This will allow access to the school's evaluation program. Once the evaluation is complete it may be submitted or saved for later revisions. Students are not be able to retrieve grades unless submit is chosen. The main page will either say "submitted" or “saved.”

If there is more than one instructor for a class, students will have to complete an evaluation for each person. Once evaluations have submitted students will be able to view their personal grades, as well as the grade distribution for the class. If grades have not been turned in yet, under the heading "Grade Availability" the course grade will be listed as "Unavailable." Otherwise, it will say "Available" and students will be able to obtain their grade.

Also, once a student submits the school's evaluation, s/he will be prompted to complete the Student Bar Association's faculty evaluation. This is an optional evaluation, but the results can be viewed by the student body.