Credit Limits

Day Division

Day Division students take between 12 and 17 credits each semester. In no case may any law student enroll in more than 17 credits per semester. Courses taken at other law schools and other non-law graduate schools count towards the 17-credit maximum. Day Division students wishing to take fewer than 12 credits must receive advance permission.

Evening Division

Evening Division students take between 9 and 11 credits each semester. A student wishing to take more than 11 credits in a semester will be permitted to do so if the student is working 20 or fewer hours per week, with the understanding that the student will pay the Day Division rate for that semester. Evening Division students wishing to enroll in fewer than 9 credits must receive advance permission and are billed at a per credit rate.

Summer Session

No student, Day or Evening Division, may enroll in more than 9 credits during the summer session.  The 9-credit maximum applies to Carey Law courses, courses at other law schools, and non-law graduate courses.