COVID-19 Grading Policy for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Approved by the Faculty Council September 3, 2020

Maryland Carey Law will return to regular grading for the 2020-21 academic year, with additional Credit (CR) /No Credit (NC) options for this year as follows:

1Ds, 1Es and 2Es: All 1D, 1E and 2E students will have an option to elect one CR/NC each semester in the current academic year (one in Fall 2020 and one in Spring 2021). (Pursuant to the existing CR/NC policy, these students will continue to have one CR/NC option available in upper level semesters.)  

Other upper level JD students: All other JD students will receive one CR/NC option this year, in addition to the CR/NC option available under current policy. The additional CR/NC option effective for this year because of COVID-19 can be used in any course except clinics (even other required courses and courses in which the professor pre-designated the course as unavailable for CR/NC under the existing CR/NC policy).

Timing: A student who wishes to elect to take a course on a CR/NC basis must file the election with the Office of Registration & Enrollment on or before the last day of classes for the semester. For condensed Fall courses that ended prior to September 3, the CR/NC election must be made by Friday, September 11. (Note the election must be made with the Office of Registration & Enrollment, not the professor.)

Conditions: Similar to the existing CR/NC policy, as part of this election, the student may specify that if the student receives a grade at or above a particular level, the student will receive that grade, rather than receiving “credit” for the course. In the absence of such a specification, a student who properly elects to take a course on a credit/no credit basis will receive “credit” for the course if the earned grade in the course is at least C- (1.67); otherwise, the student will receive “no credit” for the course. However, a student who properly elects to take a course on a credit/no credit basis and who receives a grade below C- in the course will be so notified and then can elect, in the time and manner prescribed by the Office of Registration & Enrollment, to take the grade in the course instead of the “no credit.”

The grade CR (credit) or NC (no credit) as the case may be, will be recorded on the student’s academic record. Neither grade will have an impact on the cumulative grade point average, but only the CR grade will cause credits to be earned toward degree requirements.