Auditing Classes

After completion of the first year of law school, a JD student may take one course each semester on an audit basis.

Courses taken for audit do not count for credit for graduation requirements; tuition for audited courses is the same as for credit courses.  Faculty approval is required to audit any seminar, simulation or experience-based course offering.  As with students registered for credit, Audit requires students’ regular and punctual attendance according to the expectations of the course instructor. Students receiving permission to audit should clarify with the instructor expectations about preparation and participation. 

Requests to audit a course are lowest in enrollment priority and requests may NOT be made using the on-line Advance Registration Request Form.  Students should make requests to audit a course on an Add/Drop Form (paper). Requests will be considered only after all timely registration requests.  The deadline to add or drop an audited course is the same as the Online Add/Drop deadline for any semester.

A student taking a course on an audit basis may switch to a graded basis up until the announced deadline for the Credit/No Credit election.  A student taking a course on a graded basis may not switch to an audit basis after the Online Add/Drop deadline.

Audited courses count toward the maximum number of credits students may take.  That is, if the audited course would bring an Evening Division student’s registration above the Evening Division limit, the student would be required to transfer to the Day Division and pay the Day Division tuition rate.  If the audited course would bring a Day Division student’s registration above 17 credits, the student would not be permitted to audit the course, as no student may enroll in more than 17 credits per semester.

Students may not audit a course previously taken for credit; students may not take for credit a course previously audited.