A student who has been excluded may be readmitted only by action of the Administrative Committee, upon petition in writing setting forth reasons for seeking readmission.  The Administrative Committee cannot consider the petition for readmission of any student who, at the time of making the petition, is in default (1) with respect to tuition or fees, or (2) with respect to any financial obligations of the student to the University of Maryland other than for tuition and fees that in aggregate exceed $25.00, until the default has been cured. (See also Financial Responsibility.)

Readmission will be granted after academic exclusion only when the Committee is satisfied that there is good reason to believe the student will be able to do satisfactory work in the future. A student who is excluded for academic reasons will not be readmitted unless the Administrative Committee, by at least one vote more than needed to have a majority vote of the Committee, determines that the student has satisfied the readmission standards. The Committee’s decision on readmission will be final. A student who is readmitted to the school after having been academically excluded is in good standing and is not on academic probation. Readmitted students are subject to academic exclusion again if cumulative or academic year grade point averages fall below the required standard.