Student Honor Code

  1. Preamble The basic presumption of the Honor Code is that all law students should adhere to the ideals of professional responsibility in honorably conducting themselves while pursuing a legal education. The purpose of the Honor Code is to enumerate specific guidelines to govern student conduct with respect to any academic matter and certain non-academic matters. Nevertheless, the enumeration of these specific guidelines should not be construed as a denial of the existence of other duties and responsibilities equally imperative, though not explicitly mentioned.
  2. Definitions For purposes of interpreting this Honor Code, the terms below are defined as follows: 

    “Class Day” means any day falling during the Law School’s fall semester, spring semester, or summer session that is a weekday other than a federal holiday, excluding winter and spring break. 

    “Electronic Signature” means any writing transmitted by computer bearing the author’s name. 

    “Law School” means the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

III. Prohibited Conduct

IV. Composition and Terms of Office of the Honor Board

V. Procedures

VI. Sanctions

VII. Miscellaneous