Grading System

  • Letter Grade Scale

    A letter grading system is used, in which each letter grade is awarded points on a four-point scale for purposes of computing grade point averages:

    4.17 - 4.33 A+
    3.84 - 4.16 A
    3.50 - 3.83 A-
    3.17 - 3.49 B+
    2.84 - 3.16 B
    2.50 - 2.83 B-
    2.17 - 2.49 C+
    1.84 - 2.16 C
    1.50 - 1.83 C-
    1.17 - 1.49 D+
    0.84 - 1.16 D
    0.50 - 0.83 D-
    Below 0.50 F
  • Grade Point Calculation

    Grade point averages (GPA) are computed by multiplying the point equivalent for the letter grade for each course by its weight in semester hours, adding the products for each course, and dividing the sum by the number of semester hours taken. Grades are rounded to two decimal points.  Students should not report self-calculated GPA's; use the GPA found on SURFS. When a course is repeated, the new grade, whether higher or lower, and credits replace the old grade and credits in the student's grade point average; however, both grades remain on the student's transcript, with the notation ' R' (the course was repeated) next to the first grade.

  • Grading in Year-long Courses

    Grading in year-long courses, such as Clinics, and Trial Planning & Advocacy, is as follows: at the end of the fall semester, the student will receive a grade of NM indicating that no grade is available; at the end of the spring semester the student will receive a letter grade for all work done in the clinic/course.  On the student’s transcript, this letter grade will be listed for each semester according to the number of credits attributed to each semester and it will replace the NM originally listed at the end of the fall semester.  A student who is permitted to withdraw from the School of Law after completing one semester may receive a grade for the work done during the semester.

  • Incomplete Grades
    The grade I (incomplete) is given only to students who have a proper excuse for failure to present themselves for examinations or to complete any other work that may be required by the instructor in time for the instructor to complete grading by the grading due date.  It is not used to signify work of inferior quality.  A grade of incomplete may not be carried for more than one semester without the approval of the Director of Registration & Enrollment.  An incomplete grade given at the end of the spring semester or summer session must be converted to a letter grade by the end of the subsequent fall semester, and an incomplete grade given at the end of the fall semester must be converted to a letter grade at the end of the subsequent spring semester.  An incomplete grade not converted to a letter grade within these time limits, and for which the Director of Registration & Enrollment has not granted an extension, shall be converted to an F (0.00).  The grade I (incomplete) will remain on the transcript even after the work has been completed.


    If a student withdraws or is excluded from the law school, these periods of limitation regarding an incomplete shall be suspended while the student is absent from the school.  Any grade of incomplete remaining at the time a student is certified for graduation shall be change to an F (0.00).  The Director of Registration & Enrollment will approve the extension of an incomplete only in extraordinary circumstances.

  • Withdrawal from Courses
    “W” reflects a student’s withdrawal from a course, either voluntary or required after the add/drop period. “WA” reflects a student having been withdrawn administratively and “WD” indicates a student’s withdrawal from school.