Grade Reports

Students may obtain an unofficial grade report from the Office of Registration and Enrollment by completing, signing and submitting the Student Request Form (the form is available on the forms shelf outside Suite 280, Law School, or online under Curriculum, Advising, and Policies.  The form may be submitted in person, by fax (410-706-2103) or by scan attached to an email message to

Every request requires the student’s signature; thus, email requests can be accepted only if accompanied by a scanned, signed form.

Students also are able to produce their own informal grade reports from SURFS (Student UseR Friendly System). This system is maintained through the campus Office of the Registrar.

Students may also reach SURFS through the Law School’s main page: click on “Student Resources,” then click on “Campus Resources,” and then click on “Student UseR Friendly System (SURFS).”  To login, students must provide their Student Identification Number (the nine-digit number assigned to you by the campus Office of the Registrar).  The initial value of PIN is your Date of Birth in the mmddyy format.  The choices once you log in the Personal Information Section include:

  • Change PIN
  • Change Security Question
  • View Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • View E-mail Address(es)
  • Update E-mail Address(es)
  • View Emergency Contacts
  • Update Emergency Contacts
  • Update Marital Status
  • Request for Name Change
  • Social Security Number Change Information
  • Request for Address Change
  • Request for Telephone Number Change