Toby Treem Guerin ’02 to teach in new vulnerability and violence reduction master’s program

Toby Treem Guerin ’02, clinical instructor and co-director of the Center for Dispute Resolution (C-DRUM) at the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, is part of a team that developed a new master’s degree in Vulnerability and Violence Reduction to be offered at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Graduate School, starting in fall 2021. The interdisciplinary partnership also includes faculty from the UMB Graduate School, the UMB School of Nursing, and the Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations at Coventry University in England.  

Designed for community activists, law enforcement officers, government officials, and others who work in communities, the 30-credit M.S. program seeks to meet the challenge of spiking violence and vulnerability through a global, interprofessional, and systemic perspective. Students will explore how the exposure and exploitation of vulnerabilities can lead to violence and apply their learning to real-world situations.  

The coursework will “prepare students to understand the root causes of many types of violence and aggression,” says Guerin, “and to analyze data and develop a plan for progress through organization, policy, enforcement, advocacy, and education. 

Core courses examine the nature of violence, the link between vulnerability and violence, violence prevention, and sustaining non-violence. A launch seminar will help cohorts create strong links and give students the opportunity to share research and develop implementation plans.  

Guerin will teach the final core course Sustaining Non-Violence: Theory and Practice. Drawing on her expertise in conflict resolution and restorative justice, she will guide students as they research and build skills in methods used to break the cycle of conflict.  

The factors contributing to vulnerability in communities and subsequent violence are not unique to Baltimore,” says Guerin, explaining that our increasingly global community offers valuable chances to learn from our shared experiences. Working with peers from around the world and the internationally recognized faculty at Coventry University, she addsoffers a superb opportunity for knowledge sharing and creative problem solving. 

In her position at Maryland Carey Law, Guerin provides mediation training and supervision to law students in the role of mediator with local court systems, government agencies, and communities. She has held a variety of leadership positions in state and local dispute resolution practitioner organizations and won the 2020 Chief Judge Robert M. Bell Award for Outstanding Contribution to ADR in Maryland. 

In addition to a master’s degree, the Vulnerability and Violence Reduction Program also offers a certificate option. Applications for the fall are due July 1.  

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