Maryland Carey Law Clinical Law Program Statement — We Are Baltimore


We represent and work with children, adults, families, small businesses, and communities in Baltimore in several areas including gender violence, criminal defense, public health, mediation, immigration, housing, environmental, school discipline, intellectual property, tax, and community equity development.  Many of us live in Baltimore and all of us are privileged to work in this great city.

We are uplifted each day by our clients’ strength, resolve, integrity, and compassion.  They are an integral part of the tapestry that makes Baltimore a beautiful, diverse, and determined city.

As lawyers, we have seen the various ways that systems and institutions stereotype, isolate, and demean our clients.  Each day, we and our clinical law students fight to help our clients amplify their voices, tell their stories, and seek justice.  These battles are long, hard, and exhausting, especially for our clients, who spend each day struggling mightily to navigate systems that care little about them. We remain buoyed and uplifted by their strength and resilience.

As teachers, we convey to our students that the struggles our clients confront are rooted in history and context, and that the stories told about them ignore both.  The nagging issues in Baltimore, mirrored in cities, towns, and communities large and small throughout the United States, are anchored in institutional racism and neglect, both historical and present.  These issues, which are complex, broad, and interrelated, include redlining, racial segregation, substandard housing, food deserts, under-resourced schools, unemployment and underemployment, lack of economic mobility, lack of medical care, the failure to recognize and treat trauma, a policing culture rooted in racialized social control, and an overactive criminal legal system that hyper-criminalizes and hyper-incarcerates Baltimore’s black and low-income residents.

We are proud that Congressman Elijah Cummings is both a native son of this great city and an alumnus of our law school.  Both personally and professionally, he understands these issues as well as the roles that governmental and private institutions have played to shape and misshape communities in Baltimore and elsewhere so that those communities continue to be marginalized, isolated, and excluded.

We stand with our clients, colleagues, community partners, neighbors, families, stakeholders, and all of the other human beings who make Baltimore a wonderfully rich city. We look forward to working with all who continue to stand ready to address the systemic issues that have held down far too many for too long.     

In loving solidarity

We Are Baltimore

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