Faculty Webinar Series

About the Series

In our Faculty Webinar Series, members of the Maryland Carey Law community will address timely, significant issues and speak about their scholarship, clinical work, and related projects. The webinar series provides a forum for prospective and current students, alumni, and the wider Maryland legal community to learn about and remain connected to the intellectual life of the law school.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Past Webinars 

Pretrial Justice? Bail and Over-Incarceration During COVID-19
February 8, 2021
Focusing on Maryland's pretrial justice system and jailing of pretrial detainees during the deadly pandemic, Professor Doug Colbert and Rachel Rabinowitz '21 of Maryland Carey Law, and Professor Colin Starger and Andrew Barnes '22 of Baltimore Law School share the stunning results of their collaboration in monitoring bail proceedings.

Consequences of the Election for Domestic and International Law
November 11, 2020
A week after the 2020 national election, Maryland Carey Law discuss "what's next" in the domestic and foreign policy of the U.S.
Featuring: Professors Professor Daniel Goldberg, Maxwell Chibundu, and Matiangai Sirleaf. Moderated by Dean Donald B. Tobin.

Supreme Court Term Preview
October 7, 2020
Moderated by Professor Mark Graber, Maryland Carey Law faculty discussed notable cases in the upcoming Supreme Court term: Professor Natalie Ram discussed Ford Motor Company v. Montana Eighth Judicial District Court; Professor Richard Boldt discussed Jones v. Mississippi; and Professor Maxwell Stearns discussed California v. Texas.

Race, Gender, Class, and the 19th Amendment
September 9, 2020
Professors Taunya Banks and Paula Monopoli discuss the connections between the 15th and 19th Amendments, racism within the suffrage movement, and the potential impact of the 19th Amendment on voting rights today.

Access to Justice in a Time of Uncertainty
August 12, 2020
Moderated by Professor Leigh Goodmark, Professor Maneka Sinha, Kerri Lowery of the Legal Resource Center for Public Health Policy, and Reena Shah '07 of Maryland Legal Aid discuss access to justice during a time of great political, financial, and medical uncertainty.

Public Health in the Time of COVID-19
July 29, 2020
Professor Kathleen Hoke moderates a discussion with Professors Diane Hoffman, Michael Greenberger and Trudy Henson about the changing public health law landscape in response to COVID-19.

A Conversation with Professor Larry S. Gibson 
July 15, 2020 
Moderated by Rebecca Tabb Simmons ’87, the discussion highlighted Prof. Gibson's scholarship and the wide impact of his work and career as a law professor at Maryland Carey Law. 

The Current Supreme Court Term  
July 1, 2020 
Dean Donald Tobin and Professors Mark Graber, Maureen Sweeney, and Robert Percival began the series with a discussion of notable cases from the current Supreme Court term.