Maryland Carey Law

Faculty Presentations & Publications

Recent Scholarly Work from our Faculty

Maryland Carey Law faculty members are thought leaders whose scholarship is consistently published by top journals and presses. What follows is just a sampling of scholarly work from fall 2019 through summer 2020.

Taunya Lovell Banks published “The Disappearing Public Toilet,” in Seton Hall Law Review (2020).

Andrew Blair-Stanek published “How the IRS Should Fight the COVID-19 Economic Crisis,” in Tax Notes Federal (2020).

Richard Boldt published “Community Health Workers and Behavioral Health Care” in the Journal of Health Care Law & Policy (2020) (with E. Chung).

Patricia Campbell published “University Inventions Reconsidered: Debunking the Myth of University Ownership” in the William & Mary Business Law Review (2019).

Karen Czapanskiy presented “Race, Class, and Environmental Justice” at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law (2020).

Peter Danchin published “Navigating the Backlash against Global Law and Institutions” in the Australian Yearbook of International Law (2020) (with Jeremy Farrall, Jolyon Ford, Shruti Rana, Imogen Saunders, and Daan Verhoeven).

Deborah Eisenberg presented “Beyond Settlement: Reconceptualizing ADR as ‘Process Strategy’” at the Experimental ADR Conference, University of Oregon School of Law (2020).

Martha Ertman published “The Cost of Non-Billable Work” in the Texas Law Review Online (2020).

Leigh Goodmark published “Gender, Protection Orders, and Intimate Partner Violence in Later Life: A Study of Protective Order Filings in Arizona” in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2020) (with Alesha Durfee).

Mark Graber published “Overruling McCulloch” in the University of Arkansas Law Review (2019).

David Gray published “A Right to Go Dark (?)” in the SMU Law Review (2019).

Kathleen Hoke presented “Food Insecurity: Proposed Changes at the Federal Level and Maryland’s Responses” at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law event, Public Health on the Frontlines: Countering Law and Policy Challenges to State and Local Innovations (2020).

Seema Kakade published “Remedial Payments in Agency Enforcement” in the Harvard Environmental Law Review (2020).

Russell McClain published The Guide to Belonging in Law School (West Academic 2020).

Michael Millemann published “Teaching Professional Responsibility through Theater” in the Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal (2020) (with Elliott Rauh, and Robert Bowie, Jr.).

Paula Monopoli published Constitutional Orphan: Gender Equality and the Nineteenth Amendment (Oxford University Press 2020).

William Moon published “Delaware’s New Competition” in Northwestern University Law Review (2020).

Robert Percival presented “Transnational Environmental Accountability” at the 2020 Joint Conference of the Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network (AELERT) and the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) in Adelaide, Australia.

Michael Pinard published “Race Decriminalization and Criminal Legal System Reform” in the NYU Law Review Online (2020).

Amanda Pustilnik published the report “Priorities for Research and Care in Temporomandibular and Craniofacial Pain Disorders” for the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, National Academies Press (2020).

Natalie Ram published “Genetic Privacy After Carpenter” in the Virginia Law Review (2019).

Maneka Sinha presented “Firearms and Toolmarks Examination 101: Litigation Basics,” at the 2019 Georgia Public Defender Council Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

Maureen Sweeney published “Enforcing/Protection: Arguing Against Chevron Deference in Asylum and Withholding of Removal Cases” in the AILA Law Journal (2020).

Kevin Tu presented on “Blockchain and the Law” at the University of New Mexico School of Law (2019).

Michael Van Alstine presented on “International Business Transactions” at the University of Nebraska School of Law (2019).

Marley Weiss presented “Does Labor Movement Presence Influence the Maintenance of a Democratic State? Some Comparative and Transnational Considerations,” at Cornell Law School (2019).