Maryland Carey Law

Clinic Highlights

Year in Review

Each year, student attorneys in the Clinical Law Program log thousands of hours representing their clients in a variety of matters and advocating on behalf of the citizens of Maryland. Among many other successes, we celebrate the following clinic accomplishments from the 2019-2020 academic year, several of which are responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

Criminal Defense Clinic
Drafted fact sheets for clients, families, and others to explain COVID-19 related emergency orders from the Court of Appeals regarding the handling of criminal cases.

Economic Justice-Consumer Clinic
Represented a client who was illegally evicted from her home and being sued by her landlord. The case was dismissed.

Environmental Law Clinic
Wrote briefs and argued a longstanding zoning case involving a coal ash landfill in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Gender Violence Clinic
Secured release from prison for two medically fragile clients.

Immigration Clinic
Won permanent residency for the mother in a family with two teenagers who had never known another home than the United States.

Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic
Helped low-income taxpayers and taxpayers who have not filed in the last two years to file their tax returns to receive their economic stimulus checks under the CARES Act.

Mediation Clinic
Worked with the Maryland judiciary and government agency partners to deliver and develop best practices for online mediations.

Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic
Represented a client in a complex Social Security hearing resulting in the continuation of the client’s SSI benefits that were wrongly terminated in 2016, entitling the client to monthly benefits and the forgiveness of an over $20,000 overpayment.

Public Health Law Clinic
Tracked and summarized the coronavirus bills passed in the Maryland General Assembly and wrote a policy brief on gaps in food access for children, which included information to help ensure that children displaced from school during the pandemic get daily meals.

Youth, Education, & Justice Legal Theory and Practice Class
Participated in coalitions to develop and implement strategies to raise awareness of the plight of incarcerated people at risk of contracting COVID-19 and build support for their release.