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Recent Scholarly Work from our Faculty

Maryland Carey Law faculty members are thought leaders whose scholarship is consistently published by top journals and presses. What follows is just a sampling of scholarly work from fall 2021 through summer 2022.

Chaz Arnett “Black Lives Monitored,” Georgetown Law Journal (forthcoming 2022). 

Andrew Blair-Stanek “AI for Tax Analogies and Code Renumbering,” 170 Tax Notes Federal 1997 (2021) (with Benjamin Van Durme). 

Richard Boldt “Review of Enforcing Freedom: Drug Courts, Therapeutic Communities, and the Intimacies of the State, by Kerwin Kaye,” Law, Culture and the Humanities 337 (2021). 

Anne-Marie Carstens “Copyright’s Deprivations,” 96 Washington Law Review 1275 (2021). 

Douglas Colbert “A Butterfly in COVID: Structural Racism and Baltimore’s Pretrial Legal System, 82 Maryland Law Review 1 (2022) (with Colin Starger). 

Deborah Eisenberg “Frank Sander: Father of Court-Based Dispute Resolution,” in Discussions in Dispute Resolution: The Foundational Articles 337 (Art Hinshaw, Andrea Kupfer Schneider & Sarah R. Cole eds., 2021). 

Martha Ertman “Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach,” 85 Law & Contemporary Problems 231 (2022). 

Larry Gibson Thurgood Marshall’s Orchestra: Mobilizing Civil Rights Activists in the South: 1935-1955 (forthcoming 2022). 

Donald Gifford Cumulative Supplements to Harper, James and Gray on Torts (2022) (with Christopher Robinette). 

Dan Goldberg “Reimagining a U.S. Corporate Tax Increase as a Supplemental Subtraction VAT,” Florida Tax Review (forthcoming 2022). 

Leigh Goodmark “Assessing the Impact of the Violence Against Women Act,” 5 Annual Review of Criminology 115 (2022). 

Mark Graber “Korematsu’s Ancestors,” 74 Arkansas Law Review 425 (2021). 

David Gray American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary (12th ed., 2022) (with Daniel J. Capra & Stephen A. Salzburg). 

Leslie Henry “Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for the Inclusion of Pregnant People in Clinical Trials,” American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (2022) (with C.A. Sewell, S.M. Sheehan, M.S. Gill, et al). 

Diane Hoffmann “The Need for Balance in Evaluating Opioid-Prescribing Policies, 112 American Journal of Public Health S28 (2022). 

Seema Kakade “Environmental Enforceability,” 30 New York University Environmental Law Journal 65 (2022). 

Michael Millemann “Releasing Older Prisoners Convicted of Violent Crimes: The Unger Story,” 21 University of Maryland Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class 1 (2021) (with Jennifer Elisa Chapman and Samuel P. Feder). 

Paula Monopoli “Feminist Legal History and Legal Pedagogy,” 108 Virginia Law Review Online 91 (2022). 

William Moon “Anonymous Companies,” 71 Duke Law Journal 1425 (2022). 

Robert Percival “Can Environmental Law Solve the ‘Forever Chemical’ Problem?,” 57 Wake Forest Law Review 101 (2022) (with Mark Nevitt). 

Michael Pinard “Reflecting on Our Turbulent Times,” 28 Clinical Law Review 1 (2021) (with Phyllis Goldfarb & Randy Hertz). 

Amanda Pustilnik “Mind the Gap: Lessons Learned from Neurorights,” Science & Diplomacy (2022) (with Karen S. Rommelfanger and Arleen Salles). 

Natalie Ram “America’s Hidden National DNA Database,” 100 Texas Law Review 1253 (2022). 

Maneka Sinha “Radically Reimagining Forensic Evidence,” 73 Alabama Law Review 879 (2022). 

Matiangai Sirleaf “Disposable Lives: COVID-19, Vaccines and the Uprising, 121 Columbia Law Review Forum 71 (2021). 

Maureen Sweeney “Detention as Deterrent: Denying Justice to Immigrants and Asylum Seekers,” 36 Georgetown Immigration Law Journal 291 (2021) (with Sirine Shebaya and Dree K. Collopy). 

Kevin Tu Learning Commercial Law: Core Concepts (2d ed., 2022) (with Wayne R. Barnes, Paula Ann Franzese, David G. Epstein). 

Michael Van Alstine “Arresting Misguided Trends in Treaty Law,” 110 Kentucky Law Journal 421 (2022). 

Marley Weiss “Breaking the Chains of Bondage Among Foreign Suppliers of Imported Goods,” 49 Labor & Employment Law 10 (2021). 

Liza Vertinsky “Pharmaceutical (Re)Capture,” 20 Yale Journal of Health Policy Law & Ethics 146 (2022). 

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