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Donald B. Tobin

Senior Associate Dean
Barbara Gontrum

Director of Marketing,
& Digital Strategy
Colleen Stanley

Wanda Haskel

Art Direction & Design
Yorghos Carabas

Production Manager
Tierra Collins
Contributing Writers
Andrew Altshuler
Tierra Collins
Ginny Cook
Wanda Haskel
Sarah Jackson
Chris Quirk
Natalie Ram
Adryan Richardson
Colleen Stanley
Michael Van Alstine

Contributing Photographers
John Brosnan
Larry Canner
Yorghos Carabas
Matthew D’Agostino
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King Carey School of Law and the
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do not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, religion, national origin
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or mental disability, marital status,
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Title IX prohibits discrimination on the
basis of sex in Maryland Carey Law’s
and UMB’s programs and activities.


The Communications Department advances the mission of the Maryland Carey School of Law by disseminating information about and promoting our programs and accomplishments through the media, through our own website, and through electronic and print publications, both within and outside of the school. Communications also works with the campus and the University System of Maryland to maintain relationships with state and local government offices, foundations, and community organizations and within the region. The Office supports the activities and goals of the Dean, coordinating with other administrative departments, including Admissions, Development & Alumni Affairs, and the various academic programs.

Administration & Staff

Colleen Stanley
Director, Marketing and Communications

Yorghos Carabas
Senior Graphic Designer

Tierra Collins
Senior Marketing Specialist

Wanda Haskel

Heather McKlveen
Administrative Assistant

Address & Contact Info

500 West Baltimore Street, Guild House
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201-1786
Phone: (410) 706-2072