JD Exam Schedule, Fall 2020 (Week 1)

Wednesday, December 2

1:30 pm      Business Associations (Moon)

                   Legal Profession (Colbert)

 6:30 pm      Business Aspects of Health Care Law (Mazer)

                   Evidence (Levy)

 Thursday, December 3

 1:30 pm      Civil Procedure (all Civ Pro Day sections)

                   Evidence (Pustilnik)

                   Not for Profit Corporations (Stiller)

 6:30 pm      Administrative Law (McWeeney)

                   Civil Procedure (Carstens) (Evening section)

                   Energy Law (Bolea and Hurson)

                   IP Law Survey (Campbell)

 Friday, December 4

 1:30 pm      Federal Courts (Copeland)

 6:30 pm      Commercial Law: Secured Transactions (Van Alstine)

                   Environmental Law (Percival)

                   Family Law (Czapanskiy)

                   HLS: Fraud & Abuse (McDermott)

                   Labor Law (Williams)

JD Exam Schedule, Fall 2020 (Week 2)

Monday, December 7

 9:00 am       Contracts (All day sections)

 1:30 pm      Con Law II (Stearns)

                   Con Law II (Boldt)

                   Corporate Taxation (Blair Stanek)

 6:30 pm      Contracts (Moon) (Evening section)

 Tuesday, December 8

 1:30 pm      Criminal Procedure (Gray)

                   Income Taxation (Goldberg)

 6:30 pm      Consumer Protection (Carwell)

                   Trademarks and Unfair Competition (Hopkins)

 Wednesday, December 9

 9:00 am       Torts (all day sections)

 1:30 pm      Survey of Employee Benefits Law (Reece)

 6:30 pm      Criminal Law (Pustilnik)

                   Estates & Trusts (Opal)

 JD Take Home Exams

Business Planning Seminar (Goldberg)

Child Custody & the Law (Nesbitt)

Immigration Law (Sweeney)

International Arbitration (Gorsline)

Information Privacy (Doss)

Licensing & Tech Transfer (Villard)

Mediation: Practice & Theory Seminar (Treem Guerin)

Medical Malpractice: Claims (Bekman)

Mergers & Acquisitions (Polak)

Public Health and the Law (Hoke)

Trade Secrets Seminar (Buckler)