Routine Classroom Recording

The Media Services Department will contact each instructor prior to the begining of the semester to ask which of three classroom recording policies the instructor prefers for the class:

  1. Media Services will automatically record all regularly scheduled classes and make the recordings available to students registered in this course through the end of this semester.
  2. Recording is not permitted in this course except when the Deans’ office authorizes general recording. The Deans’ office may authorize general recording for some religious holidays and on inclement weather days. When recording is authorized under these circumstances, recordings will be available to all students registered in the course for remainder of the semester.
  3. Recording is not permitted in this course.

Please note that if you select options 2 or 3, Media Services cannot record individual class sessions to accommodate student absences. When an individual student must miss a class for any reason and wishes to have the class recorded, the student must obtain faculty member approval and ask a classmate to record the class.

In certain circumstances, the Office of Student Affairs will contact faculty to request classroom recording to support recommended ADA accommodations.

For additional information, see the Policy on Recording/Taping Classes and Seminars.