Climate Change: Emerging Issues

Climate Change is the most pressing environmental issue of our time. With crosscutting implications including energy policy, pollution control, land-use planning, natural resource management, community adaptation, agriculture, and disaster response, it is a crucial consideration for current law and policy.

This course, “Climate Change: Emerging Issues,” will offer a unique opportunity to engage these topics. The course will be offered primarily in online format and will involve collaboration with Pace Law School’s Environmental Law Program. Professor Pappas will teach the class with contributions from Professor Jason Czarnezki of Pace Law School. The course will be open to both Maryland and Pace students. Each class meeting will also include a different guest environmental law expert, who will present research on an emerging climate change issue. The students, professors, and guest will discuss the topics, building a multi-faceted understanding of the latest and most important climate change issues.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Fall 2020.

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