Women, Leadership and Equality Zetzer Fellows Seminar

This course, required for and available only to students who have been selected as Rose Zetzer Fellows, will provide an opportunity for students to explore the ethical and practical challenges to women exercising leadership in a variety of organizations including community groups, non-profit organizations, law, legal education, business, the judiciary, government and related societal sectors. Class readings and discussion focus on the structual barriers to women assuming leadership roles. Women lawyers who have achieved leadership positions will participate in the workshop and share their perspectives on the pressures, obstacles and dilemmas they faced in achieving their positions. Course requirements include class presentations and a research paper.

Women Leadership and Equality Zetzer Fellows Seminar and Externship for the Fall requires faculty approval; they are not subject to the normal registration process. Participating students must be Rose Zetzer Fellows. Interested students should contact Prof. Monopoli.

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