Special Topic: Legal Capital

This short course early in the semester will cover an often overlooked but essential component of corporation law and corporate finance – the intersection of the balance sheet and a wide variety of common (and some not so common) business transactions, including raising capital, paying dividends, repurchasing shares, granting stock options, preferred stock, mergers and acquisitions and liquidation. No familiarity with accounting is assumed. In fact, one goal of the instructor in this course is to demonstrate to all you numbers-averse law students that accounting is interesting, even fun, and involves many of the same types of judgments and exercises in discretion that are made in the law all the time. But wait, there’s more: We’ll also be looking, briefly, at how other countries address legal capital (referred to in some countries as capital maintenance) and viewing the oral argument in Paramount Communications, Inc. v. QVC, Inc., one of the most celebrated corporate law cases of our time. The graded work in the course will be an examination.

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