Legislative/ Congressional Externship Workshop

This course offers the classroom link to the Legislative/Congressional Externship which is the course enabling students to intern in a congressional office on Capitol Hill for a semester. As such, students must also concurrently register for the Legislative/Congressional Externship when registering for this course. It is essential that students be able to dependably meet their externship and classroom requirements in DC. They must also be available at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester in order to provide writing samples, provide a resume, and, potentially, interview with offices. In the Legislative/Congressional Workshop, students will focus—through discussion and reading assignments—on the role of Congress with a specific emphasis on congressional procedure, Constitutional law, international law, current events, and more. Students will complete specific written assignments related to legislative work, and these pieces may serve as useful writing samples. These assignments may include a bill, bill memorandum, Dear Colleague, and floor speech. Grading for the Workshop is on the A-F scale. This course is held one evening per week throughout the semester in Washington, DC, conveniently located near Capitol Hill and Union Station.

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