South Africa: Race and the Law Seminar/Course

This course is open to upper-level students, and is a compulsory course for students wishing to make application for the South Africa Externship Program placements in South Africa. The course commences with a historical perspective on law and politics in South Africa. The legal roots of apartheid are covered. In the second part, the current legal situation is examined, including the change from parliamentary sovereignty to constitutionalism, the Reconstruction and Development Program, land and housing issues, illegal immigrants, and local government. In addition, the course aims to develop two perspectives. The first is the public interest perspective and a consideration of the contributions that law and lawyers might make in a democratic society. The second is the comparative perspective, and in this regard the course will draw out the similarities and differences between the United States and South Africa in the various aspects covered.

At the discretion of the Associate Dean, this course may be offered for either two or three credits. When offered for three credits, the subject matter is examined more intensively.

This course will be open to first year students as an elective, but upper division students have priority.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2017.

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