Critical Issues in Health Care

This course is open to students from the Schools of Law, Medicine, Social Work, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and the graduate schools at UMB and UMBC. The course is designed to: (1) provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the legal, ethical and policy issues surrounding a number of health care delivery problems; (2) expose participants to the basic skills necessary to analyze problems from a legal, ethical and policy perspective; and (3) offer participants from different disciplines an opportunity to interact and share information and perspectives about their professions with one another. A variety of teaching techniques, including case studies, simulations, and video clips will be used to explore such topics as medical malpractice, rights of patients to refuse treatment, informed consent and substituted consent in medical decision making, regulation of experimental drugs, and health care reform. The course will be taught by faculty from a variety of disciplines. During the course, students will have an opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams to analyze a particular health care problem and develop a position paper on a health care policy issue.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Spring 2020.

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