Criminal Law Seminar: Race and Criminal Justice System

This seminar will consider both the history and contemporary influence of race and racism within the operation of law in state and federal criminal justice systems. The course examines race discrimination today from the perspective of the Thirteenth as well as the Fourteenth Amendments. It considers affirmative civil rights legislation and available legal remedies and strategies for combating the impermissible use of race in criminal cases. Topics include the prosecution of racially motivated violence, the use of peremptory challenges during jury selection to exclude prospective jurors, jury verdicts, the right to counsel and access to justice for indigent defendants, the bail system, disparate sentencing, the imposition of the death penalty, racial profiling, the war on drugs and pre-textual stops, racial imagery in a criminal trial and other areas of interest. Guest speakers will participate during the semester.

Key to Codes in Course Descriptions
P: Prerequisite
C: Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement
R: Recommended Prior or Concurrent Course