Mediation Clinic

Type of Clinic: Full year

In the Mediation Clinic, students mediate real legal disputes and community conflicts, including civil cases in the Baltimore City District Court and other cases as referred. Students also work in various K-12 public schools in Baltimore City to mediate conflicts, train public school students to be peer mediators, and support other conflict resolution education initiatives.

In the Fall, students receive intensive training in the theory and skills required to be a facilitative mediator. These include, for example, active listening, negotiating, facilitating communication, asking effective questions, identifying the interests and goals underlying a conflict, building trust, working as a team, problem-solving, managing cases, and drafting settlement agreements. Students go through an apprentice process, first observing faculty mediate cases, then co-mediating with faculty, then co-mediating with a classmate under faculty supervision.

By the end of the Fall semester, students will be prepared to mediate cases on their own, satisfying the training requirements of Maryland Rule 17-104 for court-appointed mediators. In the Spring, students continue their mediation practice and mediate on their own in courts, schools, and the community.

The Mediation Clinic requires a substantial commitment of time. If you do not have a flexible schedule, this clinic may not be right for you. You should expect to spend approximately 12-15 total hours per week on clinic-related work. The minimum time requirements to consider before you enroll in the Mediation Clinic are:

  • All Mediation Clinic students must attend a mandatory training at the law school on Wednesday, August 22 from 9:00 am- 4:30 pm. This is in addition to the General Clinic Orientation on August 23 and 24. Students who cannot attend these trainings may not enroll in the course.
  • The Mediation Clinic meets as a class every Wednesday from 9:30 am – noon.
  • Clinic requires substantial out-of-class work. The Clinic mediates cases at the Baltimore City District Court two afternoons per week from 1-4 pm (keep Friday and either Monday or Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 open in your schedule). In addition to day-of-trial mediations, students receive a new pre-trial case every week, and mediate cases at the law school on dates mutually convenient for the parties and mediators.
  • Mediation Clinic students visit a public school at least once a week for school conflict resolution work. The exact day and time will be determined based upon the needs of the school and student schedules.

Students who have questions may contact Professor Eisenberg at

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