JustAdvice ® Project

The JustAdvice® Project is a one-semester course offering that engages students in weekly brief-legal advice sessions that aim to address Maryland’s justice gap. Students in the JustAdvice® Project will conduct intake interviews; identify and research legal issues; and work with volunteer attorneys to give brief legal advice to individuals seeking assistance at JustAdvice® sessions.

In addition to scheduling appointments, students will assist with the set up and break down of sites for each session. Law students enrolled in the JustAdvice® Project will also have the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary manner with students from the other professional schools on campus, including the Medical School and the School of Social Work. Beyond an orientation session at the beginning of each semester, there is not an accompanying weekly classroom component for this Project. Students will be graded on a credit/no credit basis.

Key to Codes in Course Descriptions
P: Prerequisite
C: Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement
R: Recommended Prior or Concurrent Course