Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic - Business

The clinic participates in the USPTO’s Law School Clinic Certification Program for Trademarks, giving students limited recognition to practice before the office for purposes of filing and prosecuting trademark applications while they are in the clinic and working under the supervision of a trademark attorney. All students are eligible to participate in the Trademark Specialization provided that they have completed their first year of law school, are in good standing, and meet the course pre-requisites. As a result, a student enrolled in the Business Law Specialization may also have some limited opportunity to assist with a trademark clearance search and/or a trademark application. However, students should expect that the majority of their time will be devoted to business law matters.

The clinic includes a “classroom” component, consisting of weekly two-hour meetings at the Law School. During these meetings, students receive instruction on practical topics such as how to create a new business entity and how to draft a nondisclosure agreement. They will also join their colleagues in IPEC in receiving instruction on intellectual property related tasks such as how to conduct a trademark clearance search and how to prepare a patent application. Students may also occasionally be asked to brief classmates on their projects and discuss strategy and work plans, as well as ethical challenges they are facing in their client representations. Students are also required to attend regular office hours every Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, where they will meet with prospective clients to learn about their businesses and discuss their legal needs. Additional meetings with existing and prospective clients may be scheduled throughout the week.

P: Business Associations. Students are encouraged to take the Intellectual Property Law Survey, but it is not required.

Key to Codes in Course Descriptions
P: Prerequisite
C: Prerequisite or Concurrent Requirement
R: Recommended Prior or Concurrent Course