Labor and Employment Law Trial Advocacy

This course prepares students for participation in the Labor and Employment Law Trial Advocacy Competition, sponsored each fall by the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law. Admission is by permission of the instructor. Students who have participated as a member or alternate on the previous year’s team will receive preference for team membership and for admission to the course. In the context of preparation for the competition, students will intensively study the subspecialty area of labor and employment law that is the topic of that year’s competition, as well as the law of evidence, theory of the case, and trial advocacy, in the context of this year’s problem assigned for the competition. Each four member team fields two counsel for plaintiff and two for defendant; the counsel for plaintiff also serve as the two witnesses for the defense and vice versa. Team members prepare and present opening and closing statements, and each team member prepares and conducts the direct examination of one witness and the cross-examination of another. The course will hold formal class sessions for two hours per week, throughout the first seven weeks of the semester. In addition, students will be expected to participate in practice sessions of 6-15 hours per week, with the time commitment increasing as the competition draws near. The course is mandatory for those selected to participate as team members or alternates. The regional competition is held during a weekend at the end of October or first two and half weeks of November. Should the team advance to the national finals, that round of competition is held on a weekend near the end of January. All students must commit to availability on all dates of the competition. The law school normally fields two four-member teams in the competition, and each team may have one alternate. This course is graded on a credit/no credit basis.

This course is not currently scheduled.
Last offered Fall 2018.

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